Olga Ketling-Szemley
Between mosaic and collage

English Italian French


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Critics said

The artist of many nationalities, but of unique, aristocratic and elegant style: Olga paints as if she were playing domino or composing many small symphonies (…)

Her mosaics tell private stories: from a door to a mysterious garden to airports which she frequents, from the chaos of Manhattan to the sweetness of Provence, and from the quick thought of a chessboard to loneliness of a clown (…) Stories lived in the artist’s mind, by a reserved temper which discovered, in small paper pieces, a language poetic but sharp, pleasant but thoughtful. (…

Sophisticated colour, harmonious composition and eloquent silences, as if each picture were destined for a minuscule chapel of Aquileia.

Tiziano Marcheselli, Italy 2009