Olga Ketling-Szemley
Between mosaic and collage

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The artist

Olga Ketling-Szemley is a mosaic artist. Her works could be described as paper collages or mosaics of paper pieces on canvas.

Olga has developed an original technique, making mosaics-collages out of pieces of paper, achieving an effect of vibrating colour and surprising three-dimensionality. The pictures, ranging from abstract to figurative, testify to a constant search of form of expression and to diversity of artistic interest.

The artistic language of her mosaics is unique: the “words” are colours torn out of magazines, enhanced with gold leaf and paint. Somewhat surprisingly, these mirrors of reality turn into a kaleidoscope of meanings different for each pair of eyes...

She was born in Poland to a family of artists: most notably Stanislaw Hiszpanski, painter and draughtsman, and Maria Hiszpanska–Neumann, a graphic artist noted for her exquisite xylographs. Her home, always full of artists, art critics and students has been her own Academy of Fine Arts.*

The Polish-born artist has exhibited internationally, in Switzerland, Italy, Algeria, France, England and India.

Some of her collages remain in private collections in London, Paris, Zurich, Warsaw, Parma, and Mumbai.

*for further info about the family see:  www.obrazmozaika.pl and www.stanislawhiszpanski.eu