Olga Ketling-Szemley
Between mosaic and collage

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2014 / Elsewhere, Art Exhibition in Michaelhouse, Cambridge

23 July- 6 August

23 July-6 August
Private View 23 July (Wednesday), 7 pm

St Michael’s Church, Michaelhouse Centre
Trinity Street, City Centre, Cambridge, CB2 1SU
Open Monday-Saturday 8am-5pm



There are many ways of reaching Elsewhere. We can travel, and in the process open ourselves to transformation by the new experiences that we encounter along the way. Or, we can stay in one place, but be moved by similarly transformative encounters with images and art objects, which may compel us to undertake metaphorical journeys that can have the potential to be both conceptual and affective. The three artists exhibiting their work in Elsewhere all share a passion for travelling and each, in their own ways, produce works which move beyond simple definitions of travel, exploring the multi-variant experience of the journey.

Mary Humphrey’s portraits of Roma and Travellers capture the essence of inherent dignity and pride. Uninhibited gazes when faced with a camera expose blatant confidence and strong personalities.

Olga Ketling-Szemley presents a mosaic of impressions from Italy, India, and Algeria in the form of paper collages, using pages torn from local magazines. Attempts to grasp the essence of her destination melt into the poetic, the oneiric, the artist-traveller helplessly in love with the place, its legends, its inhabitants and its spirit.

Debby Lauder’s work proposes new potentials for the photograph, in which the balance of emphasis is shifted from the photograph as image to the photograph as object. Through the use of photographs she has taken of religious sculptures found in and around the Italian city of Naples, the work in this exhibition concerns both the materiality of the photographic image as well as the material manifestation of belief.

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